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The Team Behind DOMI

Updated: Aug 11, 2021

When it comes to building an app as ambitious as DOMI, we had to make sure we had a team that understood each other and shared common ideas and values. What better team than one made up of three childhood friends?

While the three of us initially ventured off to start our own projects, we eventually decided to come together to work on something that could fundamentally change the market, as well as improve people's lives.

Michael Jimenez



Bringing a level headed approach to every situation, Michael is in charge of keeping our project on track, making sure we meet our deadlines, and keeping our financials in check.

Richard Velez


Marketing Director

Richard takes care of the content and marketing strategies responsible for making sure DOMI's user relationships and experience are as enjoyable as possible.

Ronald Orejuela


Chief of Operations

Touching upon all areas of DOMI, Ronald helps develop different strategies to grow the service and attract new vendors, couriers, and users alike.

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