We like things fast. Shipping times? That's one of those things.


That's why we're taking it to the next level. We don't think you should have to wait 2 days or more to get products already available in your area.

Which is why we created DOMI. We're giving you access to countless shops around your area and getting their products to your door in under 1 hour.

Welcome to the future of shopping. Welcome to DOMI.

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Order Anything

You've seen the others. Food, groceries, all the same stuff. How about all that plus some more? 

Need some headphones? Don't worry about it. Some paper plates for a party? We're on it. Feeling a little sick? Don't sweat it.

If it's in your area we got you covered.

No Monthly Fee

"We're not like everyone else." How many times have you heard that?

New service, same recurring fee. Not with us.

You can enjoy our one hour delivery times without worrying about fees apart from the ones already pertaining to your order. 

We're all about convenience and giving you access to the shops you love without the hassle of a subscription.

Supporting Local Businesses 

E-commerce is eating up the little guy. We're all seeing it. That's why we want to help out.

By connecting you to shops in your area, not only are you helping stimulate your local economy, but discovering small businesses around you as well!

It's time we gave them a shot, and saved you that 10 min drive.

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